84 MW Ivovik Wind Farm in Livno and Tomislavgrad


Environmental protection

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  • Obtained Environmental Permit fromFBiH Ministry of Environment and Tourism
  • Engages independent agencies to periodicly monitor the environmental and biodiversity impact throughout construction and operation
  • Establishes environmental protection plan and waste management plan
  • Adopts wind turbines with Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) (ISO 14025)
  • Adopts blades with conspicuous coating to avoid bird strikes
  • After completion, clean energy will be produced to help reduce CO2 emssion of 244 000 tons annually

Social responsibility

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  • Creates more than 100 direct jobs in Canton 10
  • Creates business opportunities in sub-contracting, goods supply and travel industry
  • Contributes full taxes and concession fees to governments
  • Introduces clean-energy science courses with local communities and schools, plans to establish wind-power science tours in Sarajevo and Livno
  • Plans to hold project site open days to local communities
  • After completion, internal roads will be open to the public, reducing the drive time between Livno and Tomislavgrad from 40 minutes to 20 minutes

Governance sustainability

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  • Establishes shareholder assembly, supervisory board and managemen systerm
  • Establishes employee discipline system, and support internal and external audits to          actively perform their duties
  • Engages third-party quality engineers to supervise equipment and site construction
  • Holds periodic meetings of the safety production & occupational health committee          to inspect work and review problems
  • Holds whole-employees-attended annual strategy seminar, and regular training and          team building to improve employees' participation
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