84 MW Ivovik Wind Farm in Livno and Tomislavgrad
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VE Ivovik organizes tournament in primary school in Tomislavgrad



On September 15, 2023, VE Ivovik’s circle of friends expanded exponentially!
We organized a volleyball and soccer tournament in Stjepana Radića Prisoje Elementary School in Tomislavgrad, to support education and sports and encourage the youth to continue nurturing healthy habits.


The motto of the tournament was “We Play Together, We Grow Together” and the aim was to raise students’ awareness of the importance of clean and green energy and environment preservation.


In the spirit of sportsmanship, the students, both girls and boys, demonstrated their skills and had great fun. Ivovik representatives were highly impressed by their talents and awarded their enthusiasm with a table for tennis with all necessary equipment. They briefed the students about the project, half of which is located in their town. Ivovik has completed the hoisting of all 20 of its turbines and is steadily marching towards the commissioning end of this year.


The young will inherit the earth and we must all take care of it together. Ivovik WF will remain committed to supporting education and sport in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a way to express appreciation for the warm welcome to our project.

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