84 MW Ivovik Wind Farm in Livno and Tomislavgrad
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VE Ivovik donates to Wild Horses Welfare Association



Wild horses are the hallmark and tourist attraction of Livno. As they can often be seen, individually and in groups, near our site, they have won the sympathy of our workers. We wanted to make sure that Ivovik would remain their home they would visit often.


We got in touch with the Mountaineering and Ecological Association “Borova glava”, which has been taking care of Livno’s wild horses on a volunteer basis for years. As we have learned, from only 167 wild horses, when the enthusiasts of this Association started taking care of them, today their number exceeds one thousand.


In conversation with a representative of the aforementioned Association, we tried to find the best way to help this noble cause. It was thus agreed that, in addition to the food donation, excavators from our construction site would help clean and maintain the puddles from which the horses drink. We visited such natural pools that are closest to the location of our wind power plant and agreed on details.


We then took a ride on a rugged macadam road to visit a mountain house on the windy top, where we handed over dozens of bags of food for horses. The long drive down the inaccessible road paid off the moment we saw groups of wild horses, grazing carefree on the vast land. To our great joy and surprise, we had the opportunity to feed them and spend precious moments in their immediate vicinity. Livno’s wild horses do not seem wild at all, we all felt.


The construction of Ivovik wind farm, still the largest renewable energy project in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is gaining momentum after the winter break. At the moment, six wind turbines have been fully installed, and construction is expected to be completed by the end of this year, after which it will enter trial operation.


We hope that then, in addition to our giant wind turbines, the hills of Ivovik will be adorned with hundreds of galloping Livno horses. In the meantime, we remain involved in various activities that contribute to the preservation of environment and deepening friendship with the local community in Livno and Tomislavgrad.


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